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Increase your chances of finding long lost Air Force buds.  Choose from one or as many of the below Yahoo Groups as apply.  Your buddy qualifies and you don't?  No problem - you are invited to join with them.

Members include military and civilian.

AllServicesRadarVets AllLogo World-wide group for all services from all countries.  (All are most welcome to join this site as it has over 900 films and shorts on the past.
ColoniesRadarVets Those stationed in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Wash D.C.
COWRadarVets Those stationed in California, Oregon and Washington.
DakotaRadarVets Those stationed in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota.
GreatLakesRadarVets Those stationed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan. Ohio,
Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania.
GreatPlains-OzarksRadarVets Those stationed in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
and Arkansas.
GulfCoastRadarVets Those stationed in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida
NewEnglandRadarVets Those stationed in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Rhode Island , New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.
NorthernRadarVets Those RCAF and USAF stationed in DEW Line, Mid-Canada Line, Pinetreeline in Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Also included are Command and Control Centers and Cheyenne Mountain.
PacificRadarVets Those stationed in Pacific and Pacific rim nations.
puntzimt Those RCAF (55tj AC&W)  and USAF 917th AC&W) stationed at Puntzi Mt AFS, Williams Lake, B.C. Canada.
SouthWestRadarVets Those stationed in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
USAFRadarSitesVeterans Those stationed world-wide in the USAF radar facilities.
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Radar Vet Vision 2 

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